Senior Sales Associate | Job in Bentonville, AR. | Advantage Solutions | #2023-429382
Minimum: USD $65,000.00/Yr.
Maximum: USD $75,000.00/Yr.

Senior Sales Associate

Advantage Solutions’ Sales Leadership Program is designed for recent college graduates who wish to pursue a career in sales. This immersion program provides training in several areas of the Sales division of Advantage Solutions including, but not limited to: Administration, Analytics, Insights and Intelligence, Retail, Headquarter Sales and Business Development. Each associate (Sales Associate) participating in the Sales Leadership Program will go through a series of 5 tracks throughout the course of being a Sales Associate.

All participants experience a variety of on-the-job training, structured learning and project collaboration with peers and leadership on different levels. Each associate is assigned to a seasoned coach who guides them through the program. In addition to the day-to-day job duties in his/her specific track, Sales Associates will be called upon to complete real-world case studies and simulations to further deepen his/her skill set and knowledge of the business. Example projects may include preparing a client presentation or creating a new item presentation.

Sales Associates are presented with opportunities to interact with many divisions within the Sales organization, giving them the chance to gain industry knowledge, set goals to achieve a desired career path, and establish a good reputation within the company.

Senior Sales Associate

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