If you’re a recent college graduate with an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to pursue an exciting career in a fast paced, growing company, our Accelerated Career Experience (ACE) program could be perfect for you. ACE is a yearlong immersion program providing leadership training in multiple areas of the company.

Your experience will include a mix of on-the-job training, structured learning, and project collaboration with your peers. Along with the day-to-day job duties, you’ll also be called upon to complete real-world case studies to further deepen your skill set and knowledge of the business. You’ll also interact directly with senior leaders, giving you a chance to shine, make connections, and quickly build a reputation for yourself.

You’ll leave the program knowing all you can about the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, including insight into the day-to-day operations of a large business organization and knowledge of cross-functional divisions. You’ll also garner an understanding of internal and external client and customer needs, in order to position services, programs, and products to meet goals and succeed at any level in the industry.

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