Personal Branding 101

Posted: 6/6/2017

In the ever-growing and competitive job market, having a personal brand has become an essential tool to differentiate yourself from the competition. Not sure what a personal brand is or if you’ve already created one for yourself, though? Don’t fret! We have a few tips, tricks and questions to help you create your new personal brand or refine your current one!

First off, let’s define what personal branding is. We think the best way to define personal branding is that it’s anything- a name, color, logo, reputation, style, and much more- that sets you apart from anything or anyone else. For example, components of Advantage Solutions’ brand include our unique logo, specific color scheme, and reputation as a leader in the CPG industry. Details such as this help set us apart from the competition and have allowed us to create a brand that attracts top talent and industry thought leaders.


To help determine your personal brand, first ask yourself, “Who am I?” Are you determined? Do you love exploring the outdoors? Is your personality one that is unique to your field of work? Asking yourself questions such as these, and the ones in the picture directly above, will help you figure out “who you are.” Knowing your personality, values and connecting with your true passions is a huge first step in developing your personal brand.


Once you’ve built the foundation of who you are, you can think about who you want to reach or influence with your personal brand. Do you have a unique skill set that will allow you to tap into a niche market? Or do you already have a large group of friends and family ready to support your endeavors? Thinking about who your “followers” are is essential, as it will help you focus your energy on crafting a brand that reaches the right people and getting the people you want to be aware of your personal brand.


After you’ve established who you are and who your followers are, you can move on to figuring out how you promote your personal brand. Luckily, there are more options than ever available to promote and grow your personal brand. Well-known social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube are great places to reach people you already know. These huge social medias can also be helpful because they have lots of tools and research to help support your branding efforts. But, looking for a niche blog or website that aligns with your personal brand is definitely worth the effort. Finding a niche site that specifically identifies with your personal brand may take some extra time, but reaching a group of like-minded followers often yields a more committed and invested group of followers.


We hope these tips will help you create a new personal brand or refine the one you currently have! Be sure to browse our open positions near you and bring your unique personal brand to our winning team!

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