How Social Media Changed Recruiting

Posted: 2/27/2017

Social media has evolved from being just a new place to post pictures and watch funny videos, to a useful tool to network and find a job. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the front runners in social media recruiting, but Glassdoor, Instagram and Snapchat are making their mark as well. Each of these platforms allows […] » read more

Calling All Animal Lovers!

Posted: 2/17/2017

As the leading sales and marketing agency in the industry, Advantage Solutions is constantly offering exciting new opportunities. And, our Premium Pet Food Specialist and Pet Food Brand Ambassador positions are no exception! With either position, you will have the opportunity to showcase your passion for animals, convey the excellence of the brand and enhance […] » read more

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted: 2/13/2017

Valentine’s Day has long been regarded as a special day of the year to show loved ones how much you care. Almost everywhere you turn you’ll see heart shaped candy boxes, bouquets of roses, and giant teddy bears. The top 3 people American’s buy Valentine’s gifts for are their significant other/ spouse, family members or […] » read more